Rick Tuttle is a painter, writer, graphic designer, carpenter, bookbinder and lover of literature. He has been doing most of these things since he was a kid. His father was an artist and designer, his grandfather a carpenter and his mother a lover of literature. In 1969, just out of High School, he moved to Costa Rica in Central America, where he lived for four years, developing an interest in Mexican painting and LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE, both of which will be evident throughout this website.

In the seventies he returned to the US and began a career in Graphic Design, working for some of the largest Ad Agencies in Chicago untill deciding to create his own firm RT2 Design. Access his design work by clicking on GRAPHIC.

For many years, Rick worked in PAINT and other medium, developing what he likes to call an ARTIST'S VOCABULARY. He found that the great authors and jazz musicians he loved did not confine themselves to one style as painters were expected to, but instead reveled in the vast range of styles open to them. He began to combine his visual images with poetry and WORD, trying to express ideas on a variety of levels and in styles that amplify the ideas. He has published a couple of books that reflect that and he is currently working on a book about Federico Garcia LORCA.

15 years ago he began to combine his many interests in the creation of one of a kind works of art that merge the written word with fine leather, paper, paint, wood and veneer, creating these original BOOK bindings and boxes. He only started exhibiting them five years ago for a show at the Union League Club, and has since then shown this work at a number of Galleries in Illinois and Michigan and his book art was featured in an episode of PBS Chicago's Art Beat.

In November of 2004 he opened a BOOK STORE in Three Oaks Michigan to create a home for his books and book art.

"Motivated by Marcel Duchamp's attempts to elevate the object into art and William Blake's efforts to remake his world and James Joyce's efforts to include all culture and all action in one whole: Motivated by the ongoing conversation of Jazz musicians between its earliest practitioners and its most avante garde practitioners: Motivated by the great world library of "what we are" as extolled by Jorge Luis Borges: Motivated by the desire to live in a world that is conscious of itself and conscious of its ability to create itself: I create these art objects out of books in order be surrounded by a physical environment that reflects the world of ideas I want to live in."